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Nic’s Tips For Bleached & Colored Hair

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Nic’s Tips For Bleached & Colored Hair

Your hair is an asset that you should always treat with proper care. If you lose the beauty of your hair, it would be harder for you to get its beauty back. This is the reason why there are people who really invest in hair treatments. Even if it cost them a lot of money, it doesn’t matter as long as they have beautiful, smooth, and bouncy hair. Some people are also getting bleached and colored hair because it’s trendy and it’s part of fashion. If you are someone who just got his/her hair bleached or colored, note that you have to exert extra effort to care for it. Here are the ways how you can properly care for your treated hair.

1) After bleaching or coloring, wait for another 72 hours before shampooing your hair.

During your hair coloring and bleaching session, the cuticle layer of your hair is open, which makes it easy for the color to perforate the hair shaft. It takes 72 hours for the cuticle layer to close again. The tendency when you wash and shampoo your hair right after receiving the treatment is that you will wash off the color because the cuticle is still open. You need to make sure that the color pigment has penetrated your hair fully. The color will last longer if you wait for 72 hours.

2) Using sulfate-free hair products is a must.

Sodium laureth sulfate is a known compound in shampoos and conditioners. This substance is what produces the foam effect in most hair products. Although you might think that foams will make your hair cleaner, think twice about it. Your newly colored or bleached hair will be damaged if you use products with sulfate as it strips off the moisture and natural oils. So to avoid this, use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. There are brands that offer these kinds of products like L’Oreal.

3) Do not use a hot shower.

Hot showers are a good way to refresh yourself after a tiring day. However, this is not the kind of shower you would want if you know this is going to damage your beautifully bleached and colored hair. Turn down the water temperature when you are bathing. The more you use a hot shower, the more you will open the cuticle layer of your hair. And when the cuticle layer is open, the color will likely wash off. Use warm water when shampooing then, rinse your hair with cold water.

4) Do not wash your hair regularly.

This is the best trick to maintain the vibrant color of your hair. If you want the bleach and the color to last longer, don’t wash your hair regularly. 2-3 times of washing per month should be ok. The more you wash your hair, the more you are washing away the moisture and natural oils of your hair.

5) Use dry shampoo

When you feel like you don’t want to wash your hair, you can use dry shampoo instead. Just spray the product on your hair without washing it. Dry shampoos that are color and bleach friendly will help you produce a look like you just got a nice blowout treatment. Also, remember that you have to choose a product that is ideal for your newly treated hair. Don’t settle with products that can wash the color or bleach of your hair.

6) Heat protectant spray will protect your hair from heat.

You will go out a lot with your newly treated hair and that’s for sure. In case you are thinking of blow-drying and ironing your hair before going out, consider applying protectant spray to protect your hair from the heat of these hot tools. Heat protectant spray will help your hair minimize the moisture loss. So to avoid hair humidity, consider buying this product.

Treating your hair is part of your self-care. However, the journey doesn’t end after you got the hair color or bleach treatment you are dreaming of. There are still a couple of steps for maintenance. By following what’s on the list above, your hair will look fresh every day even after weeks of getting the treatment. Don’t deny your hair with proper care. You deserve to slay with whatever hair color you want.

Nicole Hudson hair professional hopes you will find these tips useful and suggests you visit her online store where she stocks hair care products that are organic and allergy free.

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